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Our History


The trigger

Beginning of 1930s, Konstantinos Papaspirou, originated from Pentagioi Phocis, created a store in Athens, on Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, opposing Kallimarmaro Stadium. The store functions as a refreshment store – ” variété “. A place where performances of shadow theatre “Karagiozis” by Mollas were hosted while customers enjoying the pastries of the store.


A tasteful journey through time

Papaspirou SA was founded in the early 1940s by Athanasios Papaspirou and it was operated as the first traditional pastry workshop in Athens. Using the finest ingredients, the company started creating unique desserts and other delicacies inspired by traditional homemade recipes.


Legendary ice cream

A pioneering ice cream production unit was built in Prompona Street, Athens. Papaspirou ice cream, made from the finest raw materials, soon became the favorite dessert of the Athenians. The company opened its first flagship store in the heart of the city, on Syntagma Square, and at the same time acquired the commercial use of the historic restaurant-patisserie “Aegli Zappeiou”.


The vision expands

Papaspirou headquarters get transferred to the new facilities of 2.000 square meters in the area of Ambelokipi and at the same time the company’s first store was expanded. The construction of a new building at the corner of Ermou Street and Stadiou Street, at Syntagma Square, was the result of an increasing demand and growing clientele. The rapid development of the company continued with the opening of three new stores in Kolonaki Square and Tsakalof str., Syngrou Avenue and Rafina.


Conquering the city center

The son of Athanasios Papaspirou, Konstantinos, undertook the expansion of three store in Syntagma Square and the original space was transformed into a striking six-storey building of 1,100 square meters. The new, luxurious Papaspirou store became a landmark of Syntagma Square and was established as the ultimate meeting point of the capital. It included a French restaurant, a patisserie, a cafeteria and a self-service restaurant. Most of the Athenians as well as the foreign visitors, were meeting up, entertaining themselves at what was the most famous venue of the city center. During the same period the company expanded its activities in the field of Catering and organized some of the most memorable events of that time.


New directions

After 30 years of continuous commercial use of the historic Aegli Zappeiou Athanasios Papaspirou decided to retain only the central Papaspirou store in Pouliou Street. In the mid 80s Konstantinos Papaspirou became the new managing director of the company and the brand dynamically entered the baking and daily cooking industry.

90s & 2000s

Everything changes

The company changed its structure by transferring its operations from cafes and dining venues to retail stores. Three new Papaspirou stores in Ambelokipi, Kifissia and Halandri were launched. Moreover, brand new modern facilities of 2.000 square meters were created in the area of Acharnes, Attica and the production unit, consisted of 6 departments , started operating for 18 hours on a daily basis.


The third generation

The tradition is continued by the sons of Konstantinos Papaspirou, Thanasis and Philip, who aimed at a further development of the company. Thanasis Papaspirou became the Head of the Commercial and Event Management Departments and Philip Papaspirou, Chef and “Le Gordon Blue” graduate, was appointed Head of Production. First steps of the Papaspirou successful growth plan were, the further expansion of the company’s production facilities as well as the renovation of the Papaspirou store in Kifissia.

The primary goal of the Papaspirou third generation is the continuous evolution in the Papaspirou products as well as the creation of new culinary proposals that will become our future classic choices.


The Journey Continues

The company develops its activity in wholesale market by supplying a wide range of businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Within the framework of this development, it expands its activities abroad. During the same period, the opening of a new flagship store at Kiffisias Avenue in Marousi takes place.

When a great culinary tradition evolves with vision, inspiration and enthusiasm it will certainly continue making history.

Our Philosophy

Its all about family tradition. And tradition in the Papaspirou family is deeply related to a delightful world of taste.

After all, what makes life beautiful is in the details, the tasteful, everyday moments. Like a smile while enjoying our favorite ice cream, the warmth around the family dinner table, the wishes while a birthday cake is shared or the anticipation for that delicious first bite of a hot, steaming pie.

Our wish is to be part of your joyful moments with our original, handmade Papaspirou creations. And this has been our desire since 1940.

Inspired by our family tradition and considering quality as our core value,  we create unique handmade products by the finest and purest ingredients.

Our aim is to keep the brand name “Papaspirou” synonymous with the finest bakery, pastry, confectionery, and preserve our heritage in high quality and taste in the chocolate and ice cream production.

At the same time we have established our services as pioneers in the creation of home-made Mediterranean food as well as in the field of catering services.

In an elegant and modern environment that complies with the highest standards of sanitation and safety, our professional staff creates, daily, a wide variety of savory and sweet products according to our customers’ needs. We continue evolving the traditional way of manufacturing products while keeping all of those delicious secrets that are passed from generation to generation, for 75 years now.

Because we want to be the best at what we love to do. Then, now and forever. 

Corporate Responsibility

We care about the society

Concern for society and social sensitivity towards people in need are core values of Papaspirou company.

The total quantity of products that is not sold by Papaspirou stores is collected on a daily basis and then given to the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Acharnes. This elaborates as a major support to people with significant welfare problems.

Moreover, the company provides sponsorships and makes donations to vulnerable social groups, clubs, associations and charities. Especially during the holiday season, as part of the Papaspirou tradition, we make donations and provide relieve and give joy to many families.

We care about the environment

Papaspirou SA has adopted a modern way of manufacturing products that conforms to the highest international standards and fully respects the environment. As part of this corporate policy, the company has built a massive storage tank with capacity of 50 tons, in which the oil is stored and then collected by a specialized company to be converted into biofuel.

In addition, all packaging components and supplies, such as cartons, boxes, paper bags and plastic cups are made of 100% recyclable materials.

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