Staff Meals

The personnel of a company is the mirror of the services it offers. That is why we at Papaspirou take seriously and responsibly the catering needs of the staff of the company or the event you are organizing.

There are rules which apply to the food menus of the personnel. Those necessary conditions that will ensure that staff have the necessary energy and motivation to work. And even with the absolute responsibility for the quality well-being of the personnel.

What there is no measure of is the degree of enjoyment of the products. The daily working meal that we want to give energy and well-being can be the most enjoyable meal at the same time. And this is a priority at Papaspirou since our many years of experience have proven that staff who enjoy their food are much more efficient and friendly immediately after a light but delicious meal.

We pay special attention to the weekly diet, ensuring a balanced diet rich in nutrients. That’s why we include in our menu oils, legumes and salads. At the same time we take advantage of the wealth of Mediterranean cuisine for the meat and fish options we offer, delivering a balanced nutritional menu every day and every week of the month.

With meticulous attention to portions, impeccable timing in serving and care to ensure that everything is in its place and in ideal conditions for the short time the staff has available for eating, Papaspirou ensures that this difficult task is accomplished.

To give the staff of your company or your events guests the nourishing care and smile that will bring the best possible results back to you.