Papaspirou In A Box

All the taste, quality and tradition of Papaspirou comes to you in one box. Wherever you are, whatever the occasion, a box full of flavour will be waiting for you either at your doorstep or at one of our stores for you to pick it up. What occasions does our service suit? From a simple lunch or dinner either you need the whole menu or just some toppings, a brunch, a tea party, a pre wedding party and any type of event.

Just because not all occasions are suitable for a regular buffet or a catered dinner, Papaspirou catering offers the unique “Papaspirou In A Box” option in which we find classic Papaspirou favourites uniquely combined to give you the most delectable treats, all in a box.

What can these boxes be? Really anything you can think of; a celebration box with finger food for a party with friends. Lunch boxes for a children’s event in which our little friends will find handmade pastries, satisfying yet nutritious snacks and whatever else you choose for their meal. Or Breakfast Boxes for an office breakfast treat or a small event, for those occasions when you want everyone to receive a personalised menu.

A box that can also be a real surprise for someone who is not expecting it and sees a box full of deliciousness arrive at their door or office. It can be lunch, breakfast, it can be a combination of desserts, it can be custom options depending on the season or a unique gift to give to someone you love.

Wrapped with a colourful ribbon and Papaspiroucare.