New Years Cake

The beginning of each year brings not only new goals for you and your company but also a unique opportunity to show the people who work for you your gratitude for the past year and your eagerness for the new one.

The Christmas party and the cutting of the New Year’s cake is usually a typical event for many companies. Yet, you can turn any festive occasion into an unforgettable event just with the drink and food options that Papaspirou can offer. Regardless of what time within the day you choose to organize your event, we are there to offer you our excellent services and offer you and your company’s people unique savory and sweet flavors to accompany your New Year’s blessings.

For the Christmas celebrations preceding the holidays, we highly recommend a light party menu with finger food and drinks of your choice. To wish you in the most ideal way “Merry Christmas” and prepare for the days of relaxation and celebration.

If you want your employees’ children to be invited to this celebration, with a few small touches, such as a fantastic colorful Xmas Candy Bar or special savory and sweet flavors exclusively for children, we can turn your Christmas celebration into a happening for young and adults alike.

For the New Year’s cake, we suggest something slightly different. Starting with the highlight of the event, the pie itself, which is delicious, made with care, passion and the finest ingredients of all. Your guests will be impressed and you will have the choice between 2 different versions: a fluffy meringue cake flavoured with orange zest and white almond or a traditional recipe with fresh mastic and mahlapis, to enjoy cheers to your new creative year.

If you want this event to be even more special, you only have to allow us to design for you the ideal menu for your guests so that immediately after the short ceremony and the wishes, they can enjoy a rich buffet with quality and delicious choices, both savoury and sweet.

Rely on Papaspirou personel and taste some of the best meals you have ever had at similar events. Result of the hard work by the six Papaspirou production departments and our experience of many years at similar events.