Company Presents

A corporate gift is not just a reward for cooperation, it is a gift of appreciation to someone who contributes greatly to the well-being of your company. That is why our suggestion in the matter of corporate gifts is from the heart.

Papaspirou can suggest and create personalized corporate gifts. Respecting your needs, your financial means and the tradition that our almost 80 years of operation give us, we have created and continue to create varied and very intriguing gift proposals with a view to the pleasure of the person who will receive the gift.

By tradition, companies usually choose to make corporate gifts to their employees or partners during the festive seasons, Christmas and Easter. Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, we make sure that they receive the best possible gift, choosing either one of our seasonal delicacies or flavours that clearly suit your own preferences.

Relying on the quality of our products and our creative thinking, we undertake to create combinations of tasty products and sophisticated choices that will make this gift simply unique.

Surprise them with a delicious basket of tailor made bakery goods & handmade chocolates, make an impression with a tailor made sweet creation that bears a signature of your brand. Our people are at your disposal to create something unique customized exactly to your needs. In order not only to meet your expectations but also to win your heart.

Show with such a simple but important gesture that you care about your business associates. Offer them something unique, with Papaspirou signature of quality and tradition.