Children’s Party Catering

It is a huge joy for every parent to organize their child’s party. But along with the joy comes the responsibility of creating a pleasant environment for our little ones and create a combination of fun and enjoyment.

We’ll leave the fun and games part to you. What we are always happy to do at a children’s party is to provide delicious and nutritious food at the beginning and a delicious dessert afterwards, something that your child’s guests will remember.

The choice of food for children is very important, so that they eat healthy and enjoy those snacks and dishes that they will eat with great appetite after the game.

At a kids’s party that carries the Papaspirou warranty, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of our raw materials and products. Together we will design the ideal menu for children and adults alike, taking advantage of flavours from all six Papaspirou production departments.

Delicious pain surpise with different stuffing, delicious puff pastries with our own homemade puff pastry, baked goods full of flavour but also clever solutions to integrate vegetables into the meal so that the children receive nutrients even at the party. Always careful to choose flavours and foods that are appealing to most children.

For grown-ups, the options are endless. Choose from the many and very creative menus of food and coffee treats. Parents are usually the left behind at kids’ parties. This is not the case at our events since alongside the food for the kids there can be wonderful and enjoyable party food for the adults.

And if the event doesn’t suit to a buffet menu, we can always create the fantastic Lunch Boxes with Papaspirou delights. And give every single child at the party their very own lunch box to enjoy easily, quickly and without any hassle for the parents.

The big surprise for our little ones is three-dimensional. Philip Papaspyrou and the pastry team in the workshop put their minds and imagination to create unique 3D cakes for the kids. Super heroes, cartoons or other favorite themes of children come to life through pure materials and are transformed into a cake that will catch the eye and be photographed with enthusiasm.