Business Meetings

The first step in closing a deal or bringing a business meeting to a successful outcome is to have the proper circumstances in place. You, of course, will take care of the business side of the meeting and we will gladly take care of the enjoyment part.

A morning business meeting needs excellent coffee and beverages as well as savoury and sweet flavours that provide energy and alertness for the next meeting. A lunch or evening meeting may include a proper lunch or dinner during the break or at the end of the meeting in addition to the snacks and beverages.

In any case, our qualified staff will be there to offer you ideal conditions of enjoyment and assist you in every way to make your meeting a success.

What is certain is that the participants of the meeting will have the pleasure of experiencing first-hand the quality of Papaspirou through the products that we will create with love and care for your needs.

Wherever you are, whatever the circumstances of your business meeting, Papaspirou can be the hidden ace up your sleeve.