Anniversary Catering

The moment when your business will “dress up” to present itself to the public eye
is very important. This is because the first impression is the one that is firmly imprinted in everyones mind. Therefore, it is a moment of celebration for you and the people you choose to be there to express their best wishes for your new business beging.

Papaspirou wants to be by your side during this important moment of your business and make sure that the first taste to be left to the public is the right one. After all, we are the experts when it comes to taste.

We can organize for you the catering of your opening event. To suggest the ideal menu for you and your guests with a great variety of choices between savoury and sweet flavours. All you have to do is provide us with some useful information about the event and enjoy what we will prepare for you.

Our friendly and experienced staff will be by your side from the very first moment of the event. We want to be your ally at this and take care to praise the effort you have put in so far to get to this day.

Your guests will focus on what your business has to offer them and we will keep them happy with drinks and beverages as well as delicious savoury and sweet flavours from Papaspirou.

Want to get even more creative together? The pastry workshop can create themed desserts to suit your business exclusively, giving a personal touch to the enjoyment of your guests.

Papaspirou guarantee and quality by your side in this so important beginning.