Our Production

Fresh baked bread, hand made filo pastry sheets, ice-cream recipes that remain unchanged from 1940, wonderful butter aromas and delicious fruity flavors are just some of the elements that make our production sector truly special.


The basic production unit occupies modern facilities of 2000 m² in the area of Acharnes, Attica and consists of 6 autonomous divisions: Bakery, Puff Pastry, Patisserie ,Chocolate, Ice Cream, and Kitchen.
Here, the protagonists are our employees. In an elegant and modern environment that conforms to the highest standards of safety and sanitation , our professional staff creates daily a wide variety of savory and sweet products according to the needs of our customers. That is why we can guaranty that you can enjoy delicious fresh products everyday.
The handmade procedure lies at the heart of our production process. After all, the traditional way of manufacturing products is a key characteristic of Papaspirou philosophy.
We do not use preservatives or additives and we believe that culinary superiority can only be achieved by selecting the best ingredients. That is why we focus mainly on fine Greek raw materials: from eggs, sugar and honey to vegetables and meat. This way we support domestic production by offering you nothing less than the best.

One more thing….

Did you know that:

  • We only use fresh, domestic meats and poultry
  • The minced meat we use is made in our facilities and is 100% veal
  • We use only extra virgin olive oil of Crete
  • We prefer seasonal vegetables
  • We fry in sunflower oil
  • We choose original Greek feta cheese POP
  • We select honey from Kasos island
  • We use Greek nuts
  • We make chips from fresh potatoes
  • We produce 1.000 + products
  • We use 117 tons of flour per year
  • We produce 1.400 handmade koulouria Thessalonikis per day
  • We use 16. 800 fresh Greek eggs per month


The Papaspirou products are certified with ISOM 22000 and HACCP.


Bakery Department

More than 17 types of bread are produced daily. Like the no knead bread, the rye bread or the classic yeast bread. Try also the traditional and iconic handmade ‘koulouri’ Thessalonikis or one of the 30 types of Papaspirou cookies. All time favorites are the chunky chocolate cookies or the classic cookies from Smyrna. Two more perfect choices are the walnut bread and the aromatic “tsoureki” (a brioche-like Greek bread) with fresh mastic and mahleb.

Puff Pastry Department

How is it possible to resist delicious delicacies like the authentic Butter Croissants, the classic Quiche Loraine tart or the traditional vegetable pie with handmade puff pastry sheet? The puff pastry temptations of are so many that it will be hard to choose.

Patisserie Department

Sweet works of art such as the Croque bouche ‘tower’ made of caramelized choux pastry balls with crème patisserie, the handmade Banoffee or the elegant bitter Chocolate pastry made of 72% bitter chocolate without added sugar are truly impressive. Additionally, you will discover a wide range of small cakes, pastries and macaroons as well as a special section of unique custom-made sugar paste cakes that can elevate any special occasion.

Chocolate Department

The chocolate lovers will find more than 30 kinds of handmade chocolates, chocolate bars and Easter chocolate eggs. Try the chocolate bar with cranberries and gianduja or crisp praline, stuffed with almond and pistachio. A highly nutritious and delicious choice are the homemade cereal bars with ingredients such as oats, fig, pure honey or selected dried fruits.

Ice Cream Department

Our ice creams have made history. We produce more than 14 delicious flavors with ‘kasato’ ice cream being the most famous. This is the classic 1940’s recipe, with parfait cream, parfait chocolate, cherries and almond croquet. Try also the kaimaki cream, the cool mango sorbet and the pistachio flavor with fresh pistachios from the island of Aegina.

Kitchen Department

Discover a delicious selection of fine homemade Mediterranean dishes and selected international recipes. Our weekly menu that is updated and enriched every seven days will help you choose among a variety of tastes. Like our famous grouper, the smoked salmon or the absolute classic “pastitsio” (macaroni pie) that are some of our favorite cooked dishes.