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11 Summer dilemmas…

  1. Mountain  or seaside?
  2. Sand or pebble?
  3. Watermelon or melon?
  4. Beer or ouzo?
  5. Backgammon or card games?
  6. Book or rackets?
  7. Open air cinema or in your home teracce?
  8. Sunset or sunrise?
  9. July or August?
  10. Watermelon float or flamingo float?
  11. Papaspirou icecream or Papaspirou sorbet?

Summer in the city? We are here 24/7!

Bright, red, sweet, and delicious — strawberries are one of the best parts of spring. Taste our delightful strawberry recipes such as crème patissiere with fresh strawberries, our popular tartlets, pavlova, a meringue-based dessert, (upon request).

For sorbet lovers! Try also our handmade, cool strawberry sorbet!